Along with our processor Payment Alliance International, Premier Merchants Group is able to offer a brand-new text marketing program to merchants. This low-cost, highly-effective form of advertising can not only drives sales, but set you apart from your competition.

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U.S. cell phone users sent roughly 5.1 billion text messages every day in 2010, which equates to 20 messages per day for every one with a phone. Currently, more than 72 percent of cell phone users send and receive text messages.

In our new program, merchants have the ability to send text messages, instant promotions, mobile coupons, and advertise specials to customers who enroll into their text messaging program.

The program essentially runs itself. Customers text the location’s custom code to the location’s designated number to enroll. The customer is immediately sent a welcome message after enrolling, and his number is automatically saved in the merchant’s database. Now, the customer will receive any text message the merchant sends.

The merchant’s ability to send text messages can instantly turn a slow day into a busy day. ¬†For example, a merchant can advertise a beer special of $9.99 for a 12-pack to all of his customers on a Friday afternoon. Considering most text messages are read within 1 minute of them being sent, the merchant has now advertised his special at a time when customers are planning their weekend. You can bet this instant ad will drive traffic to the merchant’s location.

Better yet, the program is affordable. View the slide show for complete details and pricing.

View complete pricing and program details here

When you’re ready to get the program up and running in your business, let Premier Merchants Group make text messaging marketing a reality. Call us at 1-855-PMG-ATMS or email us at sales@ to get started today!