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Frequently Asked Questions

One common question we hear from ATM owners is whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade their ATM to accept EMV (chip) cards. The costs vary for the EMV upgrade kits depending on the ATM make and model. In the case where your ATM is not EMV upgradeable, we believe you should replace your ATM to protect yourself from the EMV liability shift currently in place.

We have put together a page that illustrates the costs associated with upgrading an ATM.

If you’re unsure whether or not to upgrade or replace your ATM, please give us a call at 855-764-2867. We would love to find out more about your situation and give us our expert opinion on what would work best for you.

The EMV liability shift for fraudulent transactions has already taken place. What this means is the owner of the ATM is liable for any fraudulent transactions in which the ATM did not read the chip on an EMV card, and, instead, read the mag stripe on the back of the card.

If a fraudulent transaction takes place on a non-EMV upgraded ATM, the ATM owner will lose the vault cash dispensed, and the surcharge made on that particular transaction. This money will be automatically deducted from the ATM vaulter’s bank account.

If your ATM is EMV compliant, and a fraudulent transaction happens, the liability falls back to the payment processor – not the ATM owner.

If you enter the correct combination on your electronic lock and the vault door does not open, it’s likely the battery that powers the lock is low and needs to be replaced. Normally, you’ll hear three or more beeps after entering the correct lock combination when your battery needs replaced.

Click here to visit a page that outlines the steps to replace the battery in your lock.


Communication errors are one of the most common problems reported. A communication error means the ATM is unable to communicate to the processor, and cannot perform a transaction. Here are the first steps to try in order to correct the problem. If these steps don’t work, you’ll have to call technical support.

For ATM processing over the Internet:

  1. Check to make sure the internet cable is securely connected to the ATM and the internet source (router, modem, switch, etc.)
  2. First, power off the ATM, wait 10 seconds and power the ATM back on. If the communication error hasn’t cleared, go to Step 2.
  3. Power off the ATM again, and power cycle the Internet router that is supplying internet to the ATM. Once the Internet router has completely restored power, turn the ATM back on. If the error hasn’t cleared, call technical support.

For ATM processing over cellular or Systech box:

  1. Ensure the cables running to the ATM and the cellular or Systech box are securely connected. Also, check to make sure power is being supplied to the cellular or Systech box.
  2. Power off the ATM, and then power cycle the cellular or Systech box. Once power is restored to the box, turn the ATM back on. If this does not fix the problem, contact technical support.

For ATM processing over phone line:

  1. Check to make sure phone line is connected to ATM and phone jack.
  2. Check for dial tone coming out of the phone jack. If there is no dial tone, the ATM will not communicate. If there is a dial tone, contact technical support.

The ATM is going to automatically batch every day between 4-5 p.m. All transactions performed before the ATM batches, will be funded to the merchant’s bank account the next-business-day. For example, if your ATM batches at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the vault cash, and surcharge profit will be deposited into your bank account on Thursday morning.

Vault cash is always deposited the next business day. ATM owners can elect to receive their surcharge profit the next business day or be paid monthly.

Premier Merchants Group offers free online reporting to all of our merchants. The online reporting access will allow you to see your monthly statements, see real-time transaction data, or run different reports showing you ATM income, transaction data, and/or bank deposits. With our state-of-the-art online reporting, you’ll have access to over 100 different ATM reports.

To register for online reporting, please contact Premier. It takes less than a minute to set up and grant you access to these reports. Plus, we’ll be happy to assist you in running the reports.

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