About Premier Merchants Group

Premier Merchants Group is one of the nation’s leading merchant services provider specializing in ATMs and credit card processing. In 2011 Payment Alliance International (PAI), the largest non-bank ATM operator in the United States, name Premier as PAI’s second fastest growing company in the nation.

Vscan is here to fight spread of infectious diseases

Previously featured in our June 2020 newsletter, our office is one of the first in the world to get our hands on the new Genmega Vscan!

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Improve ATM performance, cut cost with a wireless box!

In today’s world, customers don’t want to have to wait long for their cash. An ATM transaction processing over phone line can take up to 12 seconds to complete, which is long time for a customer to wait.

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Cash: More cost-effective than plastic

COVID-19 created a small hysteria when it comes to using cash. People worried about spreading disease by using cash, and media pushed an agenda that cash wasn’t safe to accept.

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