Spring is here, and with the ATM business on the cusp of its busy season, now is a great time to clean your ATM. Cleaning your ATM not only makes your machine more appealing for customers to use, it can also lead to better performance and prevent future problems.

Here are some easy cleaning suggestions you can do to ensure your ATM is in tip-top shape.

1) Wipe the dust off your ATM, and clean the ATM display and function buttons. It’s ok to use Windex or any other glass cleaner on your ATM display or outer cabinet to clean away dirt and/or residue. A clean ATM appeals to potential customers, while a dirty ATM deters them.

2) Open your vault and clean your dispenser. Do not use any chemicals or cleaners on your dispenser. However, a can of compressed air and a dry cloth can be used to clean dust and dirt off your dispenser. A build-up of dust and dirt will cause your dispenser to not work correctly.

Cleaning your dispenser is easier if you pull the dispenser all the way outside of your ATM. The dispenser is mounted to a metal tray, which slides forward. If your tray does not slide forward when you pull on it, check to see if a set screw is holding the tray in place. If so, remove the set screw, and pull the dispenser all the way outside of the ATM for cleaning.

3) Use a can of compressed air to clean the printer assembly. This will blow away any dirt or dust in the assembly that could otherwise lead to a paper jam.

4) Clean out any debris or dirt from the bottom of your vault. Use a vacuum to remove any dust or particles that could kick up and cause jams in the dispenser motor or sensors.

Spring is also a great time to inspect your ATM. Open your upper cabinet and inspect your card reader to ensure a skimming device isn’t attached to it. Also, check the card reader slot on the outside of your ATM to ensure a skimming device hasn’t been attached to your outer bezel.