It’s not uncommon for financial institutions to ask for paperwork regarding an ATM. If your bank hasn’t asked for paperwork, congratulations. For the rest of us, it’s a routine part of doing business, and we’re expecting banks to become further involved.

Many of our customers who own and load their own ATM don’t have a formal contract put in place. We’ve always operated with an ATM processing agreement, which, in most cases, suffices the bank’s paperwork needs. However, in our contacts with ATM lobbying groups and ATM insiders, we feel ATM contracts could become necessary to meet a bank’s requirements. We’ve also had a few of our existing customers contact us because their bank needed a formal contract outlying the customer’s ATM relationship with their ATM company.

If your bank asks you for a formal contract, and you don’t have one on file, please contact our office at 855-PMG-ATMS (764-2867). We have a contract drafted we can provide you and/or your bank. This contract can be tailored to fit your current ATM processing agreement ensuring no changes are made to your existing ATM program.

Our office is being proactive in order to keep your ATM business running smoothly.