Premier recently installed a new ATM branded for Sandhills State Bank in North Platte, Neb. The ATM is located in the parking lot of the Kwik Stop Oasis convenience store north of Interstate 80.

This outdoor enclosure protects the ATM from all outdoor elements, and is a great way for not only Sandhill State Bank customers to get access to their cash, but also a good way to drive traffic to the convenience store.

Bank-branded ATMs can be a valuable option for ATM owners. Typically, in a bank-branded deal, the bank’s customers can use the ATM without paying a surcharge. This makes the ATM a popular off-site option for the bank’s customers, which equates to more foot traffic inside the store.

Considering the price of owning and loading an ATM, this can be a popular option for banks. Premier currently works with ATM owners who the partnered bank compensates each time one of the bank’s customers withdrawals cash.

If you’re interested in branding your ATM with a bank, Premier can help. We can brand any ATM, and ensure the bank’s customers don’t pay a surcharge. We can also provide the reporting you and the bank need to receive or pay out agreed-to compensation.

If you have questions, please give our office a call at 855-PMG-ATMS.