Premier Merchants Group’s new lease program makes an ATM more
affordable than ever!

At a cost of $65 per month plus $.08 per transaction, an ATM can be placed in your location.

With a $2 onscreen surcharge, if your ATM does two transactions per day, it more than pays for itself. You make 100-percent of the onscreen surcharge minus the $.08 per transaction fee.

Considering most ATMs in convenience stores do at least 150 transactions per month, you will not only have an ATM in your location, but will also be making money with it.

There is no equipment to buy, no installation fees, and no financial burden to keep your ATM up and running. All you have to do is fill the ATM, and collect the surcharge.

Every time an ATM gets used, you make money. Better yet, an ATM increases traffic to your business and provides your customers with access to their cash even after banks have closed.

Plus, if your customers are using cash, then that’s fewer credit/debit processing fees you’ll be paying!

Premier has over 600 ATM locations in 13 states, and is a master agent for the nation’s largest non-bank ATM operator Payment Alliance International.