As of April 19, 2013, Mastercard holds the ATM operator liable for acceptance of Maestro counterfeit cross-border chip card (also known as Europay, Mastercard, Visa or “EMV”) transactions.

What this means is if a customer uses a fraudulent foreign Maestro card — the name of Mastercard’s internation­al credit card — the owner of the ATM will be liable for the amount withdrawn from the ATM. A Regulation-E will not be allowed on these transactions, and the ATM owner will be out the cash withdrawn from the ATM.

The good news is there is protection for you. Our end processor is a company called Payment Alliance Interna­tional (PAI). PAI is offering ATM owners an insurance policy named PAI Secure to protect them from the above scenario as well as sticker suit coverage and data breach coverage.

These coverages are detailed here: PAI Secure details

The cost of the program is $5.99/month. This premium will be debited from your vault account if you choose to enroll in PAI Secure.

Currently, Mastercard is blocking all Maestro cards for any ATM that has done less than 12 Maestro transac­tions in the last year. If you have high international traffic in your store or feel many foreign cards are being used in your store, we highly suggest enrolling in PAI Secure to protect you.

If you would like to enroll your ATM(s) into the PAI Secure program please call us at 855-764-2867.