In the market for a new POS?


We’ve been searching high and low for point-of-sale systems that meet our customers’ needs. The good news is we’ve found two that are not only affordable, but use the best technology available.

The first is the InsightPOS. This state-of-the-art POS has over 4 million SKUs saved in the cloud, which relieves you of the monotonous chore of hand-entering SKUs. This system also features full inventory management, the ability to do EMV transactions, and can integrate with most site controllers like Verifone Ruby. To see InsightPOS demonstration videosclick here.

The second is the ShopKeep POS in conjuction with Ambur, which is its system featuring full restaurant software. ShopKeep is a tablet-based POS, and has a proven track record. As an added bonus, we can process your credit card transactions with this system, which means you’ll get a low processing rate.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a POS, please keep us in mind. We’d love a chance to earn your business.

Say no to ATM fee caps

As election season intensifies, you’re sure to hear candidates push many ideas in hopes of garnering votes. One of the ideas already being discussed is capping ATM fees.

At Premier, we are strong believers in choice when it comes to using an ATM. ATM owners should be able to choose what they want to charge a customer for withdrawing cash. Likewise, the customer can choose whether or not he wants to use the ATM. If the fee is too high, the customer can elect not to withdraw cash.

Here is a story highlighting the push to cap ATM fees.