Advertise on your ATM!

Premier is excited to offer affordable advertising opportunities for our ATM customers! These advertisements appear on your ATM screen, and flash on your screen every three seconds. We loaded some images to a few of our merchants’ ATMs recently.

Whether you would like to customize your screen by displaying your company’s logo and message or want to advertise a special promotion in your store, Premier can help. We remotely load your advertisement to the ATM, and can change the advertisement at any time. Your ATM has the ability to display up to four advertisements if you have a Genmega or Hantle/Tranax ATM!

Our special introductory offer for this service is $20 per advertisement! If interested or have questions, please contact Seth at 855-764-2867 Ext. 103.

EMV liability shift starts Oct. 1

The EMV liability shift — otherwise known as the chip card liability shift — for all ATMs begins on Oct. 1, 2016.

This liability shift means the party responsible for not being EMV compliant will be responsible for absorbing the cost of a fraudulent transaction performed at the ATM. Since processors are EMV compliant, it’s up to the owner of the ATM to ensure the ATM has an EMV card reader to protect himself from this liability.

Premier has been a pioneer in this arena. We began installing our first EMV upgrade kits in 2014, and have nearly all of our entire fleet upgraded to date.

In case your wondering about the effect of this liability shift,¬†here’s a story from Bloomberg News¬†outlining a likely scenario about limiting the number of ATMs for customers to use.

If you would like to upgrade your ATM or want to know if your ATM is upgraded or not, please contact us at 855-764-2867.

Popmoney: Did you notice?

If you have a Genmega or Hantle/Tranax ATM processing over the internet or a cellular modem, you may have noticed a new option on your ATM screen.

It’s called Popmoney, and it’s essentially a new way your ATM customers can withdraw cash.

Popmoney is a cardless transaction. Click here to read more about cardless transactions.