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Insight on surcharging credit card transactions


This month’s issue of Digital Transactions magazine has an interesting article involving surcharging customers who want to pay via credit card. There’s a lot of false information out there, and this article helps explain the dos and don’ts of surcharging.

The New Battle: Surcharge Fraud

Contactless cards on the rise


Just as Americans are getting used to inserting instead of swiping their credit cards, a second generation of chip cards will soon be asking us to tap.

Contactless chip cards will soar in use, according to ABI Research, which tracks transformative technology innovations. U.S. contactless card shipments, which numbered 25.5 million in 2015, are expected to balloon to 405 million in 2021, the company’s research says.

This is a second wave of new cards, says Phil Sealy, senior analyst at ABI Research. Payment cards last about three years, he says, so the first EMV chip cards, which rolled out in 2014, will start being replaced with contactless chip cards en masse in 2017.

This is great news for merchants who have adopted NFC and contactless payments. Payments are faster and consumers like the simplicity of tapping to pay. Go to to see all of our contactless device options or talk to your Verifone sales representative.

Source: Verifone