Numbers are meaningful, but donating is in our hearts
Charbs Coaching

Premier Merchants Group’s “meat and potatoes” is processing payments. In 2016 alone, we processed 4,340,045 transactions totaling a volume of $184,713,860.

However, we also enjoy giving back. Over the last 12 months, Premier employees have proudly volunteered over 1,000 hours coaching high school wrestlers, and company president Kurt Karjalainen volunteers his time coaching youth soccer and wrestling.

Premier is proud to give back to communities. It’s also proud of its employees in their ability to not only find time to volunteer, but do it without compromising one of our best features — customer service!

RIGHT: Premier’s Trevor Charbonneau jumps into the air while coaching at the 2017 Nebraska State Wrestling Tournament.

Trade show calendar continues

tradeShowTrade shows continue to pepper Premier’s spring schedule. This week, Premier will have a booth at Thursday’s (April 20) Henry’s Foods Show in Alexandria, Minn., before traveling to attend the Doyles Sheehan show May 12 in Worley, Idaho.

If you’re an existing customer attending one of these shows, please stop at our booth. We’d love to catch up and learn how your business is doing!

These shows continue to be a great source for us to promote and sell our processing services.

LEFT: Premier’s Paul Turco (left) and Seth Blank watch as the Jack Links Beef Jerky sasquatch attempts to lift the ATM at the Harbor Wholesale show in Tacoma, Wash., in March.

ATM spring cleaning tipscheckmark

With spring upon us, it’s time to make sure your ATM is top working condition and looks good as well. An unclean ATM may deter customers from coming back, as well as increase the chances of it malfunctioning. Follow these three helpful tips from Payment Alliance International to get your ATM clean, working and looking as good as new.

* Before you begin, always be sure to turn the power off and unplug all electrical cords, and never use water on any electrical components.

* Begin your ATM and ATM equipment spring cleaning by removing debris from the bottom of the vault. Use a vacuum to suction out any dust or small particles that could kick up and cause jams in the motor or sensors. Wipe down the vault with a damp cloth to remove any built up grime on the walls.

* Use a can of compressed air to clean the cash dispenser and printer assembly. This will remove any accumulation of dust or paper pieces that could be affecting sensitive parts, such as sensors or roller components.

* Create a mild cleaning solution by combining two drops of dish soap per 12 ounces of warm water. Use this solution to wipe down the pick wheels, belts, and outside surface areas of the ATM. Be sure not saturate any components, as too much water can cause corrosion and other damage.

These simple cleaning tips will ensure the ATM is functioning at maximum efficiency and providing your customers the best possible experience.

Depending on your ATM’s location, it may be necessary to perform these measures several times throughout the year. It’s important to have a clean ATM to keep customers returning!