Credit card limbo: How low can we go?

Many know we are a one-stop shop for ATM processing and service. But did you know we also have low credit card rates?

Merchants get bombarded with credit card offers daily. Everyone claims they can save you hundreds of dollars. In many cases, that’s simply not true and the next thing you know you’ve signed a contract you now desperately want to terminate.

With Premier, you are going to get an honest evaluation of the rates you’re currently paying. If we can help lower your cost, we’ll present a proposal. We don’t make promises we can’t keep….period.

If you want a straight-forward evaluation of your credit cards rates, please give us a call at 855-764-2867 and hit extension 103 for Seth.

 Are you utilizing RMS on your ATM?

Premier Merchants Group invests a lot of money into making life easier for our ATM partners. From our robust online reporting portal to low cash alerts, we continually strive to improve our technology.

Did you know remote monitoring software (RMS) is available to all of our ATM partners who have a Genmega, Hantle, or Tranax ATM that is processing over the internet or a wireless box? RMS is a complimentary service that allows your ATM to check in with our office periodically. RMS allows us to update the software on your ATM, pull journals, or add a custom image to your ATM’s display all with the click of a few buttons!

This feature saves you time and money, and keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

We’ve already updated most of the ATMs that are capable of utilizing RMS, but if you are unsure, send a quick email to seth@, and he can make sure your using this awesome tool!

Consumers still love cash

We’ve been approached at trade shows with guests who claim cash is dying. The fact is that claim is false. Multiple studies have proven cash is still in high demand. Plus, we have not seen a decrease in ATM transactions over the years. In fact, from analyzing our ATM transaction numbers, the demand for cash is steady or even increasing.

Here are a couple articles proving the demand for cash:

Why Consumers Still Love Cash

Health of Cash Study 2016