Premier Merchants Group revamping social media presence

Did you know Premier Merchants Group has its own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page?

Social media has become a vital communication method for not only people, but for businesses. Premier is restructuring its social media plan, and is close to launching another way to communicate with our current customers and future ones.

We will use this medium to alert customers with important ATM or bankcard information, day-to-day tips, and anything else we feel could be of value. Plus, we plan on having some fun, too!

So if you haven’t already, please like our Facebook Page. You can also find us on Twitter at @PremierATM or on Instagram @pmgatm

15 weeks left to update your ATM

If you have an ATM that is processing over the internet, it’s imperative you give us a call.

Starting Oct. 1, our end processor FIS will be switching from a IP address to a URL to process transactions. This requires an update to your ATM that can be done via a phone call. We are happy to assist you with this change, and you can reach us at 855-764-2867.

For more information on this change and why it’s important, please click here.

ATMs processing over a phone line are not affected by this change.

Make life easier, use PAI Reports

If you’re not using PAI Reports to track your ATM transaction numbers, profit, and bank deposits, you’re missing out.

PAI Reports is our secure online reporting website that allows ATM owners processing with us access to hundreds of online reports. Users can track the number of ATM transactions the ATM is doing, set up alerts so the user is notified when the ATM is low on cash, or even run reports to find out how much money should be loaded into the ATM in order to make sure the user doesn’t have to fill the ATM for a customized certain period of time. One particular report allows users to view ATM deposits into their bank account, and compare that report to their bank statement. This report makes reconciling a breeze.

PAI Reports is free. If you’re not signed up and want to be, all you have to do is give our office a call. We also have trained professionals who can assist you with over-the-phone training.