Visa’s ‘War on Cash?’

Visa CEO Al Kelly has boasted about putting cash out of business. But, does that even make sense?

The problem with Kelly’s claim is if merchants aren’t accepting cash, they are losing money on every transaction.

For a deeper look into finer points and the problems for a merchant not accepting cash, click here to read this article from Triton CEO Daryl Cornell.

Impostor claiming to work for Premier Merchants Group

We have a few customers who received a call from a person named Cameron, who claimed he worked for Premier Merchants Group. This person is an impostor.

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with Premier Merchants Group, but are suspect whether the call is legit or not, please hang up and call us at 855-764-2867.

We deeply value customer service, and want to make sure you are talking to a PMG employee — not someone claiming to be.

ATM update reminder

A reminder all ATMs communicating over direct internet will have to update their IP address to a URL before Sept. 30, 2017. Our end processor FIS is terminating the used of it’s IP address at that time so all ATMs using the IP address will no longer work.

FIS’ IP address is, which will be discontinued in favor of a URL ( in order to add extra layers of security.

Most of the ATMs in our fleet have been updated already. If you’re unsure whether your ATM has been updated, please give us a call at 855-764-2867 or click here to read instructions on how to update your ATM.