One of the most common tech support calls we receive involve a communication error at an ATM processing over the internet. The error code you’ll see for an internet communication error on a Genmega ATM is D2511, and on a Hyosung ATM is 3-D1500 (TCP/IP Connection Timeout).

This error appears because either internet is not getting to the ATM or the IP address issued to the ATM has gone stale or is incorrect. There a few easy steps you can do that, in most cases, resolve the issue.

1) Check to make sure the internet cable is connected at the ATM and internet source (router or switch). If cable is connected, turn the ATM off for five seconds and then turn the ATM back on. By doing this, the ATM will re-initialize and grab a new IP address from your internet source.

2) If Step 1 doesn’t work, turn off the ATM. Next, go to your internet source and turn it off. Wait 10 seconds, and turn your internet source back on. Once the internet source is completely powered up, turn the ATM back on.

These are the steps that fix most communication issues. If you’ve done the above steps, and the ATM is still showing a communication error, please contact us for assistance.