recent story in Forbes magazine highlighted a minimal but important issue in the ATM world — ATM jackpotting. Jackpotting is where a hacker installs malware on an ATM causing it to dispense all of its money. Premier hasn’t had any instances of jackpotting at its or its customers’ ATMs. We pride ourselves in keeping software up to date, and taking precautionary measures to prevent any hack from happening at your ATM. However, we still want to give you tips to make sure it never happens to you!

Click below to see what you can do to stop ATM jackpotting.

1. Ensure you or your employees don’t allow an unfamiliar person to open the ATM. Premier employees will always schedule an ATM service call with either management or the ATM operator, and check in with an on-site employee when we arrive at your location. We actually encourage your employees to call management to verify an ATM technician is scheduled to be on site.

We are a customer-centered business, and many of our existing customers know who we are when we arrive on site to service the ATM. This sets us apart from many of our competitors who hire unknown technicians doing contract work to service your ATM.

2. Place the ATM in visibility of staff. This helps your staff to monitor the ATM, and discourages would-be criminals from messing with your ATM.

3. If you or your employees see someone unfamiliar working on the ATM, please call our office at 855-764-2867. We will be able to verify the technician who would be on site. If the technician is unknown, we can assist you with what needs to be done immediately to prevent jackpotting.