We’ve had several instances in the last month where a customer’s card became stuck inside the ATM’s card reader. First, don’t panic. Here’s what you can do to get the card out:

All Tranax and Genmega ATMs that are EMV upgraded — upgraded to read the chip on a credit/debit card — have a force eject button. In the case of a card getting stuck in the card reader, you can insert a small pointy object (paper clip works best) into the hole, and the ATM will eject the card from the card reader.

If for some reason this fails to eject the card, please power off the ATM, and then power the ATM back on. The card should eject when the ATM goes through it’s configuration process while powering back up.

DO NOT USE A PLIERS OR YANK ON THE CARD. Yes, you will be able to pull the card out of the card reader, but you will likely damage the card reader and need a replacement.