It’s common for customers to tell us they already have an ATM, and it’s with the local bank. But did you know, you can own your own ATM and still work with the local bank?

Any ATM owner processing with us has the ability to not surcharge customers who have accounts at a particular bank. It’s called BIN blocking, and it’s easy to do.

Why would an ATM owner allow a customer to withdrawal cash without paying a surcharge? Some of our ATM partners want to keep foot traffic coming into their store after removing a bank ATM. To do this, they add value to their ATM by still allowing the bank’s customers to use the ATM surcharge free. In most instances, the ATM owner and bank agree on a monthly payment for allowing the bank’s customers access to a surcharge-free transaction.

This feature can be attractive to banks because they no longer have the expense of owning, servicing, and filling the ATM. Also, the ATM owner has an advantage over his competition with the bank’s customers plus he still makes surcharge income on all other withdrawal transactions.

If you’re interested in branding your ATM with a bank or want to learn more, please give our office a call at 855-764-2867.