Genmega just released Version 33 software. This software version features the ability to sell Bitcoin at your ATM plus a new security feature to prevent an ATM running over a cellular box from being hacked.

The new features are:

  1. Liberty X Application – This new feature gives merchants the ability to sell Bitcoin at their ATM! It’s easy to setup, and it doesn’t cost anything to have it on your Genmega ATM. Plus, it’s another revenue-producing feature to offer customers!
  2. Mac Sync Feature —  By reading the MAC address inside the wireless device and storing it in the ATM’s motherboard, this feature prevents  another unknown device between the wireless device and the ATM from hacking the ATM. Instead, the transaction will not process and show error 25001 MAC Sync Fail. This security feature is a great preventive measure for the attacks that have been reported in California recently.

If you are interested in adding Bitcoin sales to your ATM, please give us a call at 855-764-2867. The ATM must be a Genmega ATM, and must be processing over the internet or a cellular device to qualify.