Look around inside a convenience store. What do you see? Signs. Signs are everywhere. In the windows, on the fountain soda machine, on the walls, above the counter.

Through years of collecting data, businesses know signs work. So why not have signage for your ATM?

A former independent ATM owner/deployer actually ran a real-world test to see the impact of an ATM sign. The results proved the power of a sign. After adding signage at his locations, he saw a 10% increase in vault cash, and a 15% increase in sales!

ATM signs pay for themselves. A lighted LED sign that you can hang in your store’s window sell for $45 at our webstore (www.atmsuperstore.com). These signs have a life of 4-6 years (48-72 months). Your ATM only has to do one extra transaction per month to pay for the sign!

Or, you can get an ATM topper. These vary in price from $70 to $140, but ATM toppers last forever. A topper will pay for itself over time.

If you would like to increase ATM transactions go to our webstore (www.atmsuperstore.com) and get a sign or ATM decals. If you have any questions, or would like us to order a sign for you, please call our office at 855-764-2867.