C0047 is an error code found on Genmega, Hantle, and Tranax ATMs. This error code signifies a bill jam meaning most likely a bill is caught in the feed path of the dispenser. (In rare cases, this error code can appear because of a dirty sensor on the dispenser, which can be cleaned by using canned error to blow dust and debris off the dispenser). Don’t worry, this error can be fixed quickly and easily. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the vault door of the ATM. Also, slide out the silver metal tray the dispenser sits on. Depending on your ATM, the tray may slide out simply by pulling on it. If it doesn’t, there is a Phillips head screw on the right of the tray that needs to be removed before the tray will slide out.
  2. Once the tray is slid out, inspect the dispenser for a bill jam. Bill jams are oftentimes really easy to see. If you see a bill caught in the dispenser, simply remove it.
  3. If you don’t see a bill caught in the dispenser, remove the cassette and inspect it to make sure no money is jammed in the cassette. If bills are jammed, clear the jam.
  4. Once the jam is cleared and with the cassette in the dispenser, log into the ATM using your password.
  5. Choose “Diagnostics” then choose “CDU” and then choose “Test dispense.” When selecting “Test dispense” the dispenser will run and a bill will be pulled from the cassette and placed in the dispenser’s reject bin.
  6. If the test dispense is successful, put the dispenser back in it’s original position, close the vault door, and the error code should disappear. If the test dispense is unsuccessful, call our office.