Premier started activating Bitcoin software at ATMs in July, and early revenue returns have been exciting. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency with potential to revolutionize the payments industry.

Although it’s in the early stages, adding the ability to sell Bitcoin at the ATM has produced revenue gains of an extra $100/month or higher for merchants. It’s a significant boost considering adding Bitcoin sales to the ATM only takes about 10 minutes and, in most cases, doesn’t cost anything. (If you are interested in adding Bitcoin sales to your ATM, but don’t know if your ATM can support it, please call our office).

In addition to the revenue uptick, LibertyX, which is the Bitcoin company we are currently using, promotes your ATM on its ATM locator. This free feature advertises your ATM and your location to Bitcoin purchasers to improve the chances of them stopping at your location to purchase Bitcoin and other products!

Keep in mind, Bitcoin sales are simply a value-added service for your ATM. It does not affect the normal operation of your ATM.

Click here to see a video of a Bitcoin transaction.