GenCam — short for Genmega camera — is a camera designed to fit Genmega ATMs with an ACU 6 mainboard. The GenCam is an integrated security camera, which provides a visible deterrent to theft, vandalism, and fraudulent Reg-E claims.

The GenCam provides a static image at PIN entry for all transactions and again at cash dispense for withdrawal transactions. These images are stored into the journal record and are saved for 90 days. Images can be viewed within the Operator menu or downloaded to a memory device or via Genmega RMS Pro.

The GenCam can be operated in full visibility to the customer by displaying the camera image at all times on the ATM’s screen. It can also be used in stealth mode which captures images without notifying the customer.

The GenCam sells for $145 + shipping. For more information or to order a GenCam, please call our office at 855-764-2867.