Using our online reporting portal PAI Reports, merchants are able to reconcile their bank statements and their ATM deposits. By running a Bank Deposits report, merchants can see surcharge and vault cash deposits for each day, and compare those deposits to their bank statement.
Here are a few helpful steps to run a Bank Deposits Report when on a computer.

  1. Log into PAI Reports, and click on the green square in the top left corner.
  2. Type the words “Bank Deposits” on the top search bar line. Then click on the words “Bank Deposits” when it appears underneath the search line.
  3. You can filter the search several ways, but the easiest is to type the name of your location in the location field. Then check your date range to ensure your reports shows data for the correct dates.
  4. Once your filters are correct, click “Run Report.”
  5. The data will populate and show you deposits for each day. The deposits labeled surcharge are your surcharge income, while the deposits labeled transaction are for your vault cash. Each deposit also shows the last four numbers of the bank account the money was deposited into.

Just a reminder, the date of the deposit listed on PAI Reports is typically the business day prior to when the deposit hits the merchant’s bank account.