NAC (National ATM Council) is concerned cash is being considered as an invalid payment option for some merchants, and wants its members and those in the ATM business to know its needs help.

In a Feb. 18 press release, NAC is encouraging its members and those who believe cash should not be outlawed as a payment option, to contact their representatives in Congress to keep cash as a valid payment form.

HR-2650 – The Payment Choice Act of 2019 (commonly known as “the Payne bill”), would prohibit retail businesses from (1) refusing to accept payment in cash from their customers; and (2) require that customers make payment by means other than cash.

NAC is asking Congress members to co-sponsor HR-2650, which is now pending in the U.S. House of Representatives. There are currently 35 bipartisan cosponsors of the bill, but more are needed to gain momentum and pass the bill.

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