Keeping your ATM’s card reader clean is a vital step in an ATM transaction. If you’re card reader isn’t reading cards or reading the EMV chip on the card, you’re losing customers and profit!

The easiest way to clean your card reader is using a card reader cleaner. This cleaner is the size of a credit card, and all you need to do is repeatedly insert and remove the cleaner from your card reader. The cleaning solution will clean the card reader to optimize transactions.

The card reader cleaners can be purchased from several office supply stores or from many online vendors.

Also, Mastercard has implemented charges for any ATM that is doing a fallback rate of 50% or higher. This means the ATM’s card reader is failing to read the chip on the card, and, instead, falls back and reads the card’s magnetic stripe. It’s the ATM owners responsibility to ensure his ATM’s card reader is operating correctly.

If you clean your card reader and the card reader is still not reading the EMV chip, please give our office a call to discuss what else can be done to correct the problem.