Bitcoin sales have jumped considerably since Premier teamed with LibertyX Bitcoin to launch a pilot bitcoin in August 2019. Over the last four months, we’ve seen bitcoin transactions dramatically rise!

In February, we averaged .68 bitcoin transactions per day, and we saw that number jump to 2.01 transactions per day in March, 3.32 per day in April, and are averaging 4.6 per day so far in May.

The LibertyX cash-to-bitcoin kiosk offers customers the unique ability to purchase bitcoin using cash rather than a debit card. Currently, we added the ability for customers to purchase bitcoin through the ATM using a debit card. For the under-banked population, this isn’t a good option, and a cash option to buy bitcoin is preferred.

Whether it’s a cash-to-bitcoin kiosk or bitcoin sales through the ATM, the ATM and/or kiosk owners makes a commission on each bitcoin sale. It’s also a great way to generate new customers to your store as your location gets put on a locator map telling interested bitcoin buyers they can purchase bitcoin at your business!

If you’re interested in learning more about a cash-to-bitcoin kiosk or how to sell bitcoin through your current ATM, please give our office a call.