The availability to purchase bitcoin in the United States continues to grow. Coin ATM Radar, which tracks bitcoin ATM locations worldwide, reported 8,270 bitcoin ATMs in the world. The United States leads the way with 6,119 bitcoin ATMs — almost 4,000 of which were added within the last year.

Premier currently offers merchants the option to add bitcoin sales to their ATM. In May 2020, ATMs processing with Premier sold over $57,000 in bitcoins, and June’s numbers continue to be promising. Merchants who sell bitcoin at their ATM earn a 1% of total bitcoin sales completed at their ATM, and their ATM gets listed on a bitcoin locator map. By having the ATM on a locator map, it offers merchants the opportunity to drive more business to their location.

If you’re interested in adding bitcoin to your ATM, please give our office a call at 855-764-2867.