In today’s world, customers don’t want to have to wait long for their cash. An ATM transaction processing over phone line can take up to 12 seconds to complete, which is long time for a customer to wait.

An ATM wireless box speeds up processing times so customer’s don’t have to wait long. With a wireless box, an ATM transaction takes 3-4 seconds to process. Plus, if you have a Genmega, Hantle, or Tranax ATM, you’ll be able to benefit from our Remote Monitoring Service. This service allows us to update software, pull journals, and monitor your ATM at no extra cost.

In addition, wireless boxes are usually a less expensive than paying for a phone line. Wireless boxes can be leased for as little as $14.99/month, or you can purchase the box for $179.99-$300 (depending on the unit you want), which cuts the monthly cost to $5.99/month to $9.99/month depending on the provider.

The wireless boxes rely on a cellular data plan to communicate. This means if the internet or phone line goes down at your store, the ATM will remain in operation. This allows customers to get cash to make purchases until your internet or phone line service gets restored.

If you’re interested on getting a wireless box or learning more, please give our office a call at 855-764-2867.