Previously featured in our June 2020 newsletter, our office is one of the first in the world to get our hands on the new Genmega Vscan! (We wrote a review below). ATM manufacturer Genmega announced the introduction of a patent-pending UV light sanitizing solution for keypads nicknamed Vscan. The Vscan will help fight the spread of infectious diseases and reassures users the ATM they are using is safe.

Vscan — a unique Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) sanitizing solution that kills up to 99 percent of viruses and bacteria automatically, in a single pass — will be available on new ATMs and as an upgrade to most Genmega models in the field.

Here’s our review so far:

We received our Vscan this week, and installed it on a new ATM in our office. The installation went smoothly, and from start-to-finish took about 20 minutes. The only tool needed is a Phillips head screwdriver and drill. You’ll need a 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch drill bit. The hardware is sleek looking, and is fairly simple to install.

Now, in order for the Vscan to work properly, a software update is needed. You can update the software with either a 2GB or smaller SD card, or we can update the software remotely using our Remote Monitoring Service. Therefore, we upgraded our software, enabled the Vscan unit, and that was it. There is a setting in the ATM where you can set the Vscan to kill 99% of germs or you can choose a 90% kill rate. The difference being the 99% setting takes approximately 12 seconds to sanitize the keypad, while the 90% setting takes 6 seconds.

Once the Vscan is enabled, it automatically activates and cleans the keypad after every transaction. It also cleans the keypad after a user logs into the ATM and then exits the operator menu. This ensures the keypad is clean before every use. When the Vscan light is in operation, it makes a pass down the keypad, and then back up. You’ll also hear a slight hum from the motor as the light is moving and your keypad is disinfected.

One great feature is the new software allows a customer to do an entire transaction by only using the keypad. There is no need to hit the function buttons next to the ATM display. Each option on the ATM screen has a corresponding number next to it. To select the option, the customer hits the corresponding button on the keypad until the transaction is complete. If a customer does hit one of the function keys, a message appears on the ATM screen notifying the customer to use the keypad to complete the transaction.

This new “keypad only” feature can be turned off or on in the ATM settings menu.

Overall, we’ve been very impressed with what we’ve seen so far. This is an innovative feature that we believe is great for customer confidence knowing they are using a safe ATM.

Pricing has not been released on the Vscan yet. We’ve been told the price will likely be between $200-$300. If you’re interested in ordering a new ATM with Vscan included, we can begin placing those orders in September.