There are 20 times more bitcoin users today than there were in 2015, Square sold $306 million in bitcoin in the first quarter of 2020, and Paypal just added a bitcoin option for its 364 million customers. At Premier, we’ve seen an especially significant increase in bitcoin demand over the past year. That’s why we teamed up with ATM industry leader Genmega to develop a brand-new cash-to-bitcoin kiosk.

With this kiosk, customers can visit your store and purchase bitcoin with cash. The kiosk walks the customer through the transaction, accepts all denominations of bills, and completes the transaction by sending the purchased bitcoin to the customer’s bitcoin wallet.

In addition, each time a customer purchases bitcoin, you make money.

We are on track to have software ready for these kiosks this month with expected deployments set to start in December. These kiosks will also be covered with a customized wrap advertising bitcoin, and, if you wish, your business!

If you’re interested in learning more about these brand-new bitcoin kiosks, please give our office a call at 855-764-2867.