Premier Merchants Group/Payment Alliance is proud to offer CHS and Cenex members a limited-time offer in regards to their ATM business. For the first time in its history, Premier is paying a one-year advance to ATM owners for switching their ATM processing to Premier — a CHS and Cenex preferred vendor. We are offering to pay merchants 20 cents for each ATM withdrawal transaction done in March 2020, and then multiply that number by 12 to equate to a year’s worth of transactions. Full payment will be made as soon as the ATM starts processing with Premier.

This offer is for chain stores with five or more locations, and can be amended if the merchant is already receiving interchange income in addition to ATM surcharge monies.

By processing with Premier, merchants will receive 100-percent of the ATM surcharge with no fees and paid the next business day. Plus, we offer the best ATM reporting in the industry, free remote monitoring, and the ability to sell bitcoin at your ATM.

Call 855-PMG-ATMS and choose Extension 1 to learn more!

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