If you enter the correct combination on your electronic lock and the vault door does not open, it’s likely the battery that powers the lock is low and needs to be replaced. Normally, you’ll hear three or more beeps after entering the correct lock combination when your battery needs replaced.

Two of the most popular electronic locks are the S&G Spartan electronic lock or a Kaba/LaGard Basic II Swingbolt lock. Here’s a picture of each:

The 9-volt battery is located inside the keypad of both locks. To access the battery in the S&G lock, reach underneath the keypad to feel for the compartment where the battery is stored — you’ll be able to push up and feel the plastic compartment move. Simply push up and pull towards you – sometimes you can wiggle this compartment a little – and the compartment will fall out of the lock and you’ll see the battery to replace.

In the Kaba/LaGard Basic lock, pull up on the entire lock. The lock will release from its holding pegs, and you’ll be able to see the battery to replace. Once the battery is replaced, put the lock back on the pegs and push down to lock into place.